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A website is kind of like a car- it requires periodic attention to make sure that it is functioning properly. And just like your auto manufacturer monitors for recalls and updates on all the various car parts that it has installed, you need a website company to monitor all the various installed parts of your website to make sure they get updated as needed. Luckily, unlike with a car where you would need to go to a repair shop to have those physical parts removed and then replaced with new ones, your website software can simply be removed and replaced or updated remotely. There is no telling how often you will need updates but regular monitoring and scanning of your site can tell you when these need to happen. When your website is monitored and updated regularly (and correctly) you can ensure that your site will run as intended for years to come. When not monitored and updated regularly, your site will not function properly, and eventually could be completely down (offline) or possibly infected with malware that redirects your site to a competitor or spam site.


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Why you need professional ​Web Maintenance, Updates, & Security packages for your WordPress website

Every website is made up of a variety of moving parts, the most important part being the “content management system”, or CMS, which dictates how the files are stored and retrieved.,, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace, etc. are all different types of content management systems.  Some of these systems are privately owned and operated, i.e., Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify.  For those CMS you will pay a monthly subscription fee directly to the the platform itself and the CMS will be updated for you., on the other hand, is NOT privately owned.  The CMS is what’s known as an”Open Source Software”, meaning that the code is open source, or visible to and contributed to by the general public.  It is also a FREE software.  The open source aspect helps keep it free, and also helps to keep it secure in that it is constantly updated by the base of developers who use it.  In fact, the large amount of developers working on it has made it one of the best content management systems out there. The free open source CMS powers over 80 % of the websites currently on the web.  It is constantly being worked on and updates are released regularly. 

When updates are released for the core WordPress CMS, your WP site will need to be updated as well.  Some hosting companies do this automatically, some prefer to do it manually. We always recommend manual updates, because updates can sometimes “break” your site. “Breaking” your site means that the new code doesn’t work well with the code on the rest of your site.  WP sites also require a theme to operate and often have a number of software Plugins that provide various functionality.  The theme and all the various plugins need to have their code updated as well.  

Monitoring your site is the only way to determine when the CMS, theme, or plugins require updating.  In addition to monitoring for software updates, your site should also be monitored for other security and performance issues such as login attempts, hack attempts, performance, uptime, broken links and more. Regular monitoring and updating of your site, along with taking daily backups of your sites files and database (in case something does go wrong) are integral aspects of a maintenance, upkeep and security plan.

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Open Space Digital, Inc. ​​Website Maintenance & Security Plans

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Open Space Digital, Inc. is a conversion focused digital marketing agency that provides high quality, web design and development services. We focus on the metrics that matter – sales, leads and conversions.

Our primary focus is to ensure a positive return on investment for all of our clients. We have over 10 years of Web Development and SEO experience.  We use proven SEO methodologies that work in any industry with any level of competition.  We work strictly in accordance with Google Webmaster’s Quality Guidelines.  We build every website with SEO in mind. Our website maintenance, upkeep, & security services are offered for both new and existing websites.  Click below to purchase or contact us today to discuss your monthly maintenance, upkeep, & security plan options. 

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Founder & CEO

Patricia is the founder & CEO of Open Space Digital, Inc. She has over 10 years of experience in the digital world of advertising and SEO. She works directly with each client to determine appropriate campaign goals, to set performance measurements, and to ensure that each project is driven by data through careful analysis and actionable insights.

"It's so hard to figure how much to pay for you website and who to hire these days. I've tried DIY website builders and cheap web build companies before and I was always disappointed in the look or function of them. They just didn't do what I wanted them to or look as good as I wanted them to. No to mention the wording wasn't great. I finally decided to go with a reputable company like Open Space Digital and I'm so glad I did. They built the site that I had been dreaming of for my company. Not only does it look good and function like it should, but it really sells our services."

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