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Your website is the face of your business. It’s appearance and message directly represent your company and brand.  It acts as a digital sales person, providing an interface between your potential customers and your business services or products. 

When someone visits your website, they should know exactly who you are, what you are about, what it is you sell, and how they can make a purchase or request a quote. 

A good business or brand website should perform all of these basic functions. But there are many other functions you can add to your website, either from the start of development or as you grow.

You can provide member only areas of your website, accept payments for products or services, offer downloadable digital products, show videos, collect email addresses; the possibilities are nearly endless. Read on to learn more about the different types of websites we offer, the costs, and why you should consider a professional web development company like Open Space Digital, Inc. to handle your web development needs.


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What professional ​Web Design can do for you

The two most important aspects of your website are: functionality and design.

In terms of website functionality, visitors must be able to accomplish the intended actions of your website. Simply put, if your website sells paint, your website’s visitors need to be able to easily buy paint from your website. If your website doesn’t sell products there are other actions that you will want your visitors to take, such as filling out contact forms or clicking call buttons.  These items need to be prominently displayed and easy to use. If your website is not easy to use and doesn’t direct your users to take action, it is not doing you very much good. The architecture of your site, or the way your menu is designed, must be intuitive so that users can find what they are looking for.  You should have a good link structure from internal pages to other pages, and this structure should add value, but not take users away from sales pages. Rather, those links should funnel users towards one main purpose:  to make a sale or generate a lead.  The copy and content of your site needs to be structured functionally to support making sales and/or getting leads. If you have user accounts, membership functions, booking functions, newsletter signs-ups, or other integrations, all of these need to be seamlessly integrated into your site design.  Functionality should never get in the way of design, it should compliment it.

As for design, your website needs to look good and match your unique brand identity. You are unique and so is your business. Your website should be a reflection of these unique qualities, identity, and product offerings.  What separates generic websites from great websites are the small cohesive details such as unique branded content including images, infographics, blogs posts, and landing pages.  Your company colors, message, and tone should have consistent treatment throughout your site and content.  A style guide should be developed and followed throughout all of your digital marketing assets. 

Well built functionality and eye-catching design are the two aspects that make professional website design and development services indispensable to businesses. Your website is an extension of you and your business, and you need to stand out online as unique if you want to beat the competition.  Open Space Digital, Inc. provides bespoke website design and digital marketing services for a variety of business needs.  All of our websites are built with growth and lead generation in mind.  We use a top quality, lightning fast, customizable professional WordPress theme that is extendable to a number of functions and applications, so you can grow your website along with your business without having to rebuild.  We have a team of top graphic designers who work to make your site design original and consistent with your branding and image, while our development team works on creating smooth functionality for all your marketing needs.

Open Space Digital, Inc. is a conversion focused digital marketing agency that provides high quality, web design and development services. We focus on the metrics that matter – sales, leads and conversions.

Our primary focus is to ensure a positive return on investment for all of our clients. We have over 10 years of Web Development and SEO experience.  We use proven SEO methodologies that work in any industry with any level of competition.  We work strictly in accordance with Google Webmaster’s Quality Guidelines.  We build every website with SEO in mind. Our website design & development services are offered for new and existing websites.  

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Open Space Digital Inc. ​​Website Builds

Whether your business is small and local or a big national brand, we have the tools and experience at Open Space Digital to ensure that your website looks great and functions at the highest possible level. Our team has years of experience creating and developing novel web solutions for membership websites, e-commerce sites, local business sites, and national business sites.

The websites we build at Open Space Digital are clean, responsive, fast-loading, and designed with the user in mind. Today, a good website can literally make or break a business. Don’t let your website be your undoing. Open Space Digital has a great team of web design and development professionals who will make your website look and perform its very best.

All of our Website Builds include:

Patricia Walterick

Founder & CEO

Patricia is the founder & CEO of Open Space Digital, Inc. She has over 10 years of experience in the digital world of advertising and SEO. She works directly with each client to determine appropriate campaign goals, to set performance measurements, and to ensure that each project is driven by data through careful analysis and actionable insights.

"It's so hard to figure how much to pay for you website and who to hire these days. I've tried DIY website builders and cheap web build companies before and I was always disappointed in the look or function of them. They just didn't do what I wanted them to or look as good as I wanted them to. No to mention the wording wasn't great. I finally decided to go with a reputable company like Open Space Digital and I'm so glad I did. They built the site that I had been dreaming of for my company. Not only does it look good and function like it should, but it really sells our services."

Anthony P., ​Business Owner (Commercial Contracting)


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