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One of the things that sets us apart at Open Space Digital is our commitment to our work.  We don’t just take on as many clients and projects as possible and then outsource the work like some other agencies.  We take our time to choose projects and clients that interest us, and that we feel have tangible value in the real world.  We are committed to social and environmental responsibility and love when our clients are too. 


Don Bielak

” If you are involved in a cryptocurrency project, OSD should be first on your list of alliances. They – Patricia in particular – have proven to be indispensable in the development of the Monetran project. As a trusted and knowledgeable advisor, Patricia has seamlessly bridged the gap between our IT needs and the complexities of integrating within the crypto space. Such a broad range of knowledge should be high on the list of requirements for any cryptocurrency project, and as the CEO of Monetran, I can honestly say that OSD has more than fulfilled those necessities. I can recommend them without reservation.

CEO of Earthen Water

Chelsea Caroline

” I’ve had several different websites over the years. I had the first designed by someone else and have taken on the task of doing a few myself. When I decided to start Earthen Water, as CEO I knew I would need to outsource my web design, set up and hosting.
I’ve worked with many other artists and designers in the past and I had great concern that I would be able to find someone who could take my ideas and execute them in a way that would meet my expectations of design, simplicity, clarity and ease of use for this website.
Then I remembered working with Patricia on a project a while back. I heard she started a Web Service Agency and even though I hadn’t worked with her in this capacity before, I recalled her excellence as an artist, her work ethic and her easy going personality.
More over, I thought of her tenacity and ability to take what most others cannot fathom and turn those dreams and ideas into reality. She knows how to see a big picture and I respect both her art and business sense. I count her as one of only a handful of people I would trust with my vision.
Patricia chose tasteful, clean clear images, font and overall layout for www.earthenwater.com that not only met, but ELEVATED my design ideas. She made the process that I know can be daunting feel like a breeze. I recommend her work 100%.”

Chief Investment Officer

John C. Green

“We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Patricia on several projects, through a myriad of stringent requirements. Patricia and Open Space Digital met and exceeded every criteria;  both very talented and cost conscious.  We would recommend Ms. Walterick and her company without hesitation.”

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