Website Maintenance & Upkeep


We provide monthly maintenance & upkeep for your website.  For $100/ month you will receive the following services:

  • Core CMS Updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin/Extension Updates
  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Monthly Security Scans
  • Monthly Broken Link Scans
  • Monthly Performance Scans
  • Monitored Firewall
  • Email/ Phone Consultations

This monthly $100 retainer plan provides maintenance and upkeep for your website.  We also troubleshoot issues that arise through general theme, core, and plugin updates.  A monthly report detailing the above information will be emailed to you.  This plan does not include any website changes, additions, and/or custom code work.

Occasionally plugin and theme developers do not maintain their own code to sufficient standards.  For sites that we have built, we are confident that our plugins and themes are top-notch and generally consistently updated by their developers. For sites that we haven’t built, we cannot guarantee the site will work as designed when CMS updates occur. We will do our best to keep your site running with the plugins and themes that you have chosen, but can’t guarantee that it will always work with each update. We test your site after updates and will restore to backup if need be. If when a plugin or theme becomes deprecated (old, not updated to current security standards or CMS standards, and unusable) we can advise you how to proceed.


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