Monthly No-Contract SEO Plan


About our SEO services


  • No lock in contracts. You can cancel or pause your campaign at any time.
  • Itemized billing. At the end of each month you will receive an itemized work summary sheet that outlines what work has been performed.  $1500 / month gives you 15 hours of work.  You may purchase more hours as you desire.
  • Total transparency. We show you exactly what we’re doing, including the links we build. There is no secrecy. You will be kept informed.
  • End of month strategy calls. At the end of each month, we get on a call to show you what work has been done, what work is coming up, and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Meaningful reporting. We don’t send confusing reports full of squiggly lines and technical jargon that mean nothing. Instead, we track and measure the metrics that matter – sales, customer enquiries and conversions.
  • We care. We want our customers to work with us long term. We also want them to give us glowing testimonials and refer others to us.
  • Our work is 100% safe. We don’t engage in unethical or unsafe SEO practices.
  • We’re 100% honest. We’re not interested in misleading our clients in any way. We’re honest, upfront and ethical.
  • Point of contact. We’re never evasive. You will be working closely with us throughout your campaign.
  • Realistic expectations. We set realistic expectations at the start so there’s no false hope. No fake guarantees.
  • You WILL get a ROI. We’re not interested in taking your money unless we’re confident that we can get a positive ROI. All SEO customers are vetted thoroughly prior to contract start.  We are selective about who we can offer plans to.

Open Space Digital, Inc. is a digital marketing agency that provides high quality, honest and upfront search marketing services. We focus on the metrics that matter – sales, leads and conversions.

Our primary focus is to ensure a positive return on investment for all of our clients. We have over 20 years of combined Web Development and SEO experience.  We use proven SEO methodologies that work in any industry with any level of competition.  We work strictly in accordance with Google Webmaster’s Quality Guidelines.  Our SEO services are conducted in four main phases.  If we are building you a new website, Phases I and II will be completed during your website build.  Phase I consists of audit, research, and analytics and metrics set-up.  PHase II consists of on -page optimizations.  Phase III consists of off-page optimizations.  Phase IV consists of Content Marketing.


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