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Marketing in the 21st century is all about the Internet. These days, due to the large amount of consumer information on the Internet, it can be difficult to get your brand in front of a specific target audience through organic search. To do so you need a robust and ongoing SEO campaign. But what can you do if you need immediate leads for your business? Paid ad services or PPC campaigns (pay per click), if properly designed and maintained, can bring immediate results.

PPC campaigns can be monitored and tracked carefully, ensuring that the target audience is your ideal customer. Campaign changes can be made throughout the duration of your campaign to optimize conversions and ensure the right people are clicking your ads, so you aren’t wasting a ton of money on an in-effective ad or campaign strategy.

The major players in online advertising are Google and Facebook. However, there are other great online advertising channels as well including Bing, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and even SnapChat. Depending on your target audience and your advertising goals, you may choose one channel or combinations of channels over others to get the most results out of your budget.

Let’s take a look at how to best optimize your paid ads campaign with a professionally built landing page, optimized ad targeting, and choosing the right platform for your audience.


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A professionally designed ​Landing Page makes all the difference

From landing pages, ad banners, ad platforms, to CRO, UX, and UI, the jargon used in marketing can get pretty damn confusing.  You really don’t need to worry about all this stuff though.  Your agency should be taking care of this nonsense for you while you focus on your business.  But one term you do need to know about if you are going to run Paid Ads campaigns is the term “Landing Page”.  So what exactly is a landing page? A Landing Page is, simply put, the page that your potential clients will “land” on after they click through your ad.  The Ad is a smaller advertisement or banner either that shows in the google search with the little letters “Ad” next to it.  It may also appear on the side of a website (LinkedIN), or in your news feed (Facebook, Instagram, etc).  The Ad itself is a very small amount of text and occasionally an image.  It’s designed to grab someones attention immediately and entice them to click on the ad.  Once clicked on, the potential customer is redirected to your Landing Page.  Typically, you don’t want to just send people to the homepage of your website.  You are paying for a specific ad campaign for a specific product, and you’ll want to create a specific page to sell or advertise that product so that your clients don’t have to search around for the information. 

Landing pages can be short form or long form.  Short form pages have little sales copy, but they will have a form to gather information like name, phone, email address, or they can ask a customer to call or even make an immediate purchase.  Long form pages have ALOT of sales copy.  These pages follow a specific pattern of talking about customer pain points, explaining how the product or service resolves those issues, show testimonials that confirm the results, and ask potential clients to take action.  A good landing page will match the website and company branding, but also stand-out and offer some eye-catching graphics and attention grabbing information. Many times landing pages will announce sales that have a time limit, and a counter can be placed on the page to count down days or hours until an event is happening or an event is over. There are more landing page styles than you could even imagine.  The best way to find what works for your audience is to try out one or two different page styles and A/ B test them.  This means you create style A and style B pages, and measure which gets the most conversions.  Then you go with that one for future ads. It’s not rocket science, but it is a time consuming process and having a professional agency create your landing pages and sales copy can save you valuable time and money. 

Open Space Digital, Inc. is a conversion focused digital marketing agency that provides high quality, web design and development services. We focus on the metrics that matter – sales, leads and conversions.

Our primary focus is to ensure a positive return on investment for all of our clients. We have over 10 years of Web Development and SEO experience.  We create unique landing page designs and layouts to suit your company and brand, and your products or services.  We also offer professional sales copy written for both your long and short form pages.  Professional sales copy sells.  Anything less and you are wasting your money. 

Check out a few Landing Pages below for examples of our work

Open Space Digital Inc. ​​PPC Management

Aside from creating a kick-ass landing page that will convert users to take action, running a paid ads campaign requires knowledge of the ad platform and how to create and monitor ads (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.) and setting the ads up for success.

For every campaign, keyword research needs to be performed to determine the what terms your users are searching for online and what the cost per click will be. You can create lists of keywords you want to bid on, and negative keywords you don't want to bid on.

Given the very small amount of space reserved for your ad on each platform, the ad copy itself needs to be optimized for maximum click through rates. Google's ad channel also has what they call "extensions" which are structured pieces of data underneath that ad that give information or provide a means of contacting you.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to creating competitive online ad campaigns. At Open Space Digital we work with you to create a competitive online advertising strategy. Whether you know you want to run Facebook and Google ads, or if you’re not sure which channel will be the most beneficial to your business, we will come up with a competitive online advertising strategy that meets your needs and matches your budget. Ensuring proper set up of an Adwords, Facebook, Youtube or other Ad account is the most time consuming part of the process. Also, PPC is not just a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of process. It requires ongoing data monitoring and making adjustments using that data to optimize your campaign. Please contact us at 267-262-6207 or request a quote online to learn more about our paid ad management services.

Patricia Walterick

Founder & CEO

Patricia is the founder & CEO of Open Space Digital, Inc. She has over 10 years of experience in the digital world of advertising and SEO. She works directly with each client to determine appropriate campaign goals, to set performance measurements, and to ensure that each project is driven by data through careful analysis and actionable insights.

"I couldn't figure out why our ads weren't converting. Turns out there is a lot more involved with running PPC than I thought. Open Space Digital created a really nice landing page for us with professional sales copy. I immediately could see the difference it made. Between that and them actually montiroing the keywords and managing the ads we more than doubled our ROI."

Rob S., ​Business Owner (Commercial/ Residential Contracting)


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