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only $200 for a black friday or cyber monday landing page!

that's 20% off our normal rates!

Need a boost in sales? Make your customers an offer they can’t refuse.  Discounting your services for Black Friday or Cyber Monday is one of the best ways to rack up a large number of sales quickly- but you’ll need a place to advertise those savings.  Get your Black Friday or Cyber Monday landing page ready NOW. 

Don’t know what a landing page is?  Well you’re looking at one. You can also check out the gallery below to see what your landing page could look like. 

Combine Landing Page design with a PPC campaign on Google or Facebook!

and get another 20% off our normal rates!

While you can share your landing page on your social media accounts or hope someone stumbles across your website and finds it organically, the best way to use a landing page is to run a Pay-Per-Click Ad campaign.  Let Open Space Digital manage your Black Friday Ad campaign from start to finish for $200! Normally we charge $250 to set up campaigns PLUS another 10 % of Adspend.  This Black Friday and Cyber Monday ONLY, we offer NO Ad-spend fees. Just a flat $200 to set it up and run it.  Need a landing and ad management?  We can take an additional $25 off if you get both right now!

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This offer ends a few days BEFORE black Friday to make sure we have enough time to design & develop your page.